Sunday, March 1, 2009

We have a puppy! In Maynard.

It's official: Per exists!

Let me back up.

Remember Per, the name Mitch and I picked out for our puppy? Well, we drove three hours one-way to visit our breeder, Marj, who owns a ranch out in Maynard. And guess what? We picked out a puppy! It slept in our hands for about an hour while we chatted with Marj in her house. Here we are posing with Per, who we get to bring home mid-April (he's only two weeks old at the moment).

Mitch's uncle told us he looks like a guinea pig, but all puppies do at some point, really. I remember the good ol' days, when my family bred rough-coated Collies: the fun part was having lots of puppies around. The bad part was also having lots of puppies around: puppies stink. They're like fat, stinky sausages--but damn, they are cute sausages! And Per will be a handsome adult Shiba someday.

It's not very hard for me to believe that in a little over a month, Mitch and I will be moving off-campus; and in six weeks, we'll be adding someone to our family. We've been anticipating both these moves for so long that by now, they seem way overdue. Of course, when the time comes, my life will be ultra-chaotic: first, my birthday--which I hope isn't a stressful ordeal, but it's something extra on my schedule, anyway. Then a few days after I turn the big 2-0, I move. Two weeks after that, I bring a puppy home. Two weeks after that, I've got finals--and then, thank goodness, school is out and I'll have completed two years of college.

I'm certainly chuggin' along, aren't I?

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