Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring break weekend #1

It's officially spring break! Wanna know how Mitch and I spent our first weekend of freedom? Well, long-story-short, we went to Milaca this weekend to spend a few days with our parents (and to pack). But I bet you want to know the long-story-long, don't you?

The first thing I do when I get home is hug all the animals

We got into Milaca at about 4 P.M. Friday. Mom fried sunfish for dinner! おいしかったです (it was delicious)! At least, I think that's how it's said/written. I can't remember a lot of structural Japanese.
After dinner, I popped in my new Ocarina of Time "red blood version" cartridge and played until, oh, maybe 10:30 P.M.

Then, as a family, we watched Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. James Stewart is a brilliant actor.
Then, for some reason, right before we went to bed, we started The Shining. What a terrifying film to watch before trying to fall asleep.

Saturday was excellent. I woke up with Ernie, my family's cat, sleeping next to my head, on my pillow. After he realized I was awake, he moved down to lay on my feet.

The sun peeking over our evergreen trees, as seen through my bedroom windows

I met my friend Doug (from high school) for lunch at the Drive In, which, of course, is my absolute favorite place to eat. After lunch (a BLT and chive fries), I drove home and took Boris, my step-dad's collie, for a walk down to the Rum River on County Road 9.
Was there beautiful weather where you were this weekend? 'Cause Milaca was warm, sunny, and clear. So niiiiiice!

Boris the collie

Part of that big patch of snow is actually the Rum River. Every year in the spring, when the ice finally melts, I like to go back down to the river and listen to it flow.

Then I packed for the remainder of the day.

I found a pair of Harry Potter glasses in my closet and wore them the rest of the day

By the time dinner rolled around (Mom made homemade lasagna; and for dessert, she made homemade caramel rolls and raspberry coffee cake), I was pooped. So after dinner, I played some more Ocarina of Time. And guess what? I finally got to see the reason for the nickname "red blood version." That is, I beat Ganondorf and Ganon, and got to see them puke/spout flowing red blood--which, as I've said before, was a no-no, since Ocarina of Time was rated "E" for "everyone." I also went into the Fire Temple to hear its music--which is different in the "red blood version" than in later versions. Read my previous blog post explaining it all, if you're interested.

Drinking tea while playing Ocarina of Time. That's my little brother in the background.

And today (Sunday), after seeing my old friend Josh (and when I say old, I mean we've known each other since first grade) at the grocery store, Mitch and I came back down to Minneapolis for his sister Kristi's choir concert. Well, I should say her choir's concert. You see, Kristi is the Executive Director of the Twin Cities Girls Chorus, a nonprofit singing group for girls. Anyway, after the concert, we ate at a somewhat authentic Mexican restaurant. Finally, after we had our fill and said goodbye to his family, Mitch and I came back to Augsburg.

WOW! What a looong weekend! Mitch is already asleep: e-a-r-l-y! Though, I'm pretty tired, too.

I look forward to the rest of spring break. Nice weather, walks, and delicious food are good for the soul. :)


Adam said...

James Stewart is bomb.

Mnemosyne said...

I cried during his [fictional] main rant to the Senate in Mr. Smith.

corywins said...

Wow. Fun Zelda stuff, thanks Ali!

Also, when you conjugate that, it's おいしかった. The い is where the conjugation start.

Finally, I feel like I have a terrible memory. I think we talked about it, but did we ever buy tamagotchis?

Mnemosyne said...

Oooh yeah! Thanks, Cory--I appreciate the help.
No, we never bought Tamagotchis, though every time I go through that aisle in Target, I think about picking one up.