Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Realizing the power of Twitter

I just realized the power of Twitter. I've been a member there for almost a month, yet it took me until today to fully appreciate what Twitter can do for society (at least, the society capable of utilizing it).

I first started thinking about it the other day when I learned that a Zimbabwe group was using Twitter to scrutinize the Zimbabwean elections, and that it was receiving international attention because of its coverage.
Then, about ten minutes ago, it hit me. I was responding to Meghan McCain's most recent Tweet (what Twitter's "posts" are called--all required to be 140 characters or fewer) (at the time): "Because I keep getting asked...... A few reasons why I consider myself a Republican: I believe in less taxes and less government spending." My response to her was "I've been wondering about that as well. You sound like a Blue Dog Democrat... :)"
And then I realized for the last month, I've been communicating with people like Meghan McCain, Rachel Maddow, and R. T. Rybak. Even though
these people choose to respond to only a few responses (if that makes sense) each day (and we really can't ask for more--after all, if we had thousands of followers, we'd have to pick and choose, too), they DO read our responses, our questions, our criticisms, and yes, occasionally, they respond to us.
Think of how much power Twitter has to connect people! Possibly more than any other social networking site so far.
If you're not yet using Twitter, I suggest you start. It's an unbelievably innovative system.


Nevexst said...

This is relevant to my interests :P

Philip said...

A nice take on Twitter. I do love the way that Twitter is able to connect people. I think while it is still small it will be easier to connect with big names, but it might become harder as Twitter becomes more popular.

Twitter is a nice way to interact with your friends. I find one of the best things is using it for a way to meet up with friends or find something to do with friends. if you tweet about going to get a coffee and wonder if anyone would like to join then you might just get a few replies. The only problem is that Twitter isn't quite as popular as facebook/Myspace so it is harder to get local friends on Twitter. I know that I have very few local friends on Twitter. It seems that only my more "tech savvy" friends would use it.

It was nice to see your look at Twitter


Mnemosyne said...

I agree, Philip. Part of me wishes more of my pals were on Twitter, because I share a lot of things on Twitter that I don't on Facebook, etc. On the other hand, you're probably right that the more people join, the harder it will be to make my voice heard.