Thursday, March 12, 2009

Over spring break, I will...

As my spring break starts tomorrow after a meeting at 11 A.M. with Joseph Underhill, my International Relations academic adviser, I figured I'd make a list of things I'd like to do and/or should get done over break.
FYI #1: This will probably be edited several times as I remember/think of things.
FYI #2: I am not going to a warm, exotic, and beautiful locale for break. Sue me.
FYI #3: Just because I'm not going anywhere special for break, doesn't mean no Auggies are. In fact, there's a group heading to New Orleans to help with rebuilding/humanitarian issues. Neat, huh?
Anyway, my list:
  • Read the second volume of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time manga.
  • Watch all the classic films mom recently gave me (including, but not limited to, Lawrence of Arabia, Seven Samurai, and Dr. Zhivago).
  • Bake cookies for Freddie.
  • Read the first volume of the Kingdom Hearts II manga.
  • Play through my newly acquired Ocarina of Time gold cartridge, otherwise known as the "red-blood version."
  • Pack up everything in Milaca that I'll be taking to our new place in April.
  • Watch the Kabuki films Martha lent me.
  • Write the HON 240 hazard reporter and HON 240 short response essay to the prompt "what is the connection between climate change and peace?"
  • Drink copious amounts of tea.
  • Fill out scholarship applications.
  • Pick up my pre-ordered Twilight DVD and watch it several times.
  • Write an essay on homosexuality in Tokugawa Japan.
  • Listen to the Mercury Theater on the Air's original War of the Worlds broadcast (narrated by Orson Welles, of course).
  • Eat at the Milaca Drive In (my absolute favorite place to eat) at least once.
  • Read Clicking with Your Dog (a book on "clicker training").
  • Schedule a meeting with Homemade's employees.
  • Spend time outside with Boris and Sadie, my family's collies--even if it's cold.

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