Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One more reason I like Meghan McCain

I recently wrote two entries about Meghan McCain and her "beef with Ann Coulter" and the Republican Party (I like Meghan McCain and MSNBC is love).
Well, apparently, Laura Ingraham responded to Meghan (I don't know why), going so far as to make fun of her weight (calling her "plus-size"). Meghan McCain then appeared on The View and responded to Ingraham, spiritedly yelling "kiss my fat ass!"
In all seriousness, though, Meghan talked about how disgusted she is that the discussion had come to the issue of weight.
Kudos to Meghan, once again. Even though she's not necessarily the most educated person in politics (not to say she's not smart--I just mean she doesn't have a lot of experience in politics), she speaks out, unafraid, and I admire that.

Here's a good spot to read about the current situation (with Ingraham and The View): Meghan McCain trounces Laura Ingraham.

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