Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The New Monarchs on Gossip Girl

Guess. what.
A couple years ago...let's see, I was in 11th grade...Mitch joined a band called The New Monarchs. The band was, at the time, comprised of Taylor Nelson, Sean Hogan, and Mitch. They played at some places, composed some songs--you know, what bands do.
Well, after some time, Mitch quit the band.
Two years later, that is, yesterday, The New Monarchs were played on Gossip Girl.
Yes, you read right. The New Monarchs. On Gossip Girl.
Mitch and I went over to Taylor's last night for a viewing party. We ate delicious food, watched the entire show together, and then toasted Taylor and Sean with champagne.
Turns out I hate Gossip Girl. But hearing TNM on a popular national show was really neat.
Check out the Gossip Girl music page. :)
After that, take a peek at The New Monarchs' website.

Taylor Nelson

Sean Hogan

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corywins said...

Oh wow! That's impressive, even if it is Gossip Girl.