Saturday, February 28, 2009


Ever heard the phrase "FML," or, for those kiddies who don't believe in curse words, "fuck my life?"
The Urban Dictionary (which, I know, isn't an academic dictionary, but it gets the job done for phrases in popular culture) defines "FML" as "made popular from the teen movie Superbad...FML is an easier, faster way of saying something when nothing's going your way."
I like to think that FML is best used in specific, theoretically one-time instances. For example, say I studied really, really hard for an econ test--but nothing I studied turns up on the test, and everything I didn't study does. That would be a good time to say "fuck my life."

Anyway, a pal turned me on to the website "FML: Your everyday life stories." Trying to describe the hilariousness of the site wouldn't do it justice, so I'll just strongly suggest you visit it.
Visit it!

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