Saturday, March 7, 2009

Buzzzzz, chick chick chick, says the cricket


Wednesday, my sister Cherish emailed me to ask if Mitch and I wanted her Thursday tickets to The Adventures of Pinocchio at The Minnesota Opera in St. Paul.

Of course we did! My sister's tickets (I think she has some sort of season ticket package) are always for good seats (she's taken me once before, to Rusalka), and the opera is one helluva shindig. The Minnesota Opera is much like a college, or any other semi-important artistic or educational institution: people give and leave a lot of money to it. There's a list at the back of each program that names all the big donors. Some people give over $20,000, and several have The Minnesota Opera in their will.
Not only that, but just going to the opera is expensive. I'm pretty sure my sister's seats go for about $150 each. So, as you can imagine, one feels pretty swanky going to the opera.

So anyway, on Thursday night, I left work an hour early to head to St. Paul for Jonathan Dove's The Adventures of Pinocchio. Though based on the darker original Pinocchio story (that is, the one in which Pinocchio burns his feet off and kills the cricket), children were allowed into this show (normally, kids aged seven and under aren't allowed in), but thankfully, it seems parents who bring their children to the opera also discipline their children, because we heard only one kid whining, and it was right before the intermission, so that problem was quickly dealt with.

The opera itself wasn't as good as Rusalka, which is the first and only other opera I've seen, but it was still entertaining--and of course, the vocalists always amaze me--though I don't think I like operas in the English language as much as I do those in, well, some other language. Mitch doesn't enjoy opera to the extend that I do, but he was saved from torture due to The Adventures of Pinocchio being a sort of modern-ish opera, and so it almost played out like a musical.

Overall, I enjoyed my time and am ever-the-more impatient to make enough money to buy my own opera season tickets.

Mitch and I before leaving for the opera

P.S. Here's "Song to the Moon" from Rusalka. Well, this video isn't of a scene in Rusalka, but Lucia Popp, the vocalist, is singing from Rusalka. I'm pretty sure this one's from the '80s. Get over it.

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