Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's weekend = major, MAJOR procrastination

I'm SO tired.
Emily and Mitch both think I have mono, otherwise known at the "kissing disease," but I'm doubtful. Well, honestly, I'm more in a state of denial than anything.
You see, I got sick last weekend. Though, that's not really news. I've become sick every February since first grade. And it's always the same thing: tonsillitis. But it's like the illness is still kicking my butt. I feel great--my throat doesn't hurt, my head doesn't hurt, and yet I'm positively exhausted.
I hope it's not mono.

I procrastinated this weekend. It wasn't hard to, really. I can't remember what I did Friday, although I think I went over to Beau's in Luther Hall. I was there until the wee hours of the morning (which doesn't help this whole me being exhausted thing). Saturday, of course, was Valentine's Day: Mitch took me to Atlas in downtown. It's apparently a Mediterranean restaurant. I had walleye (YUM!), and Mitch had lamb chops. We also shared a big slice of cheesecake, and I had a latte. After that, we headed back to Mort. and chillaxed (I, in my pink feetie pajamas).

Sunday was a major waste of life. I don't remember doing anything--ANYTHING--of consequence. Seriously.
So today, I paid for it. Tomorrow, I've got a formal lab report and a "hazard reporter" due for HON. 240 (Science, Technology, and Citizenship). I don't think I'm going to HIS 104 (History of the Modern Non-Western World). I figured I really should get some extra sleep during the day (since Tuesdays are my busy-busy days of the week), and the only class I can really miss (though not REALLY) is HIS 104--after all, I've got HON 240 lab at 8 A.M. (those are strictly un-missable), then regular HON 240 class at11:50, and I'm pretty sure I'm presenting my hazard reporter (on Japanese whaling). Then, at 6 P.M., I've got International Economics--and I am NOT missing that. I plan on bringing Kevin (my professor) the pass/fail form tomorrow. For those who don't know, you can opt to take a course pass/fail, which means as long as you get a 2.0 or better (or something like that), you get credit for the course, but whatever GPA you get doesn't affect your cumulative. To graduate summa cum laude, though, you can only take 2 pass/fail courses, so I've gotta make them count...International Economics counts.

More to come tomorrow. I need rest.

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