Friday, February 27, 2009

This week, I learned (dos)...

  • Cooking food in microwaves isn't bad for you or your food. All microwaves do is rotate the molecules inside--this generates heat. In fact, "microwaves" are really light--they don't sap nutrients from your frozen fish-sticks or add cancer to your popcorn.
  • Crystal lead is different from airborne lead. For example, the lead in Swarovski crystal earrings isn't going to hurt you--the lead is trapped in the crystal. Be careful with crystal dishes, though--drinking orange juice out of a crystal goblet, for example, will expose you to the lead.
  • In World War I, the Ottoman Empire was on one side, and the British were on the other. Egypt was technically still part of the Ottoman Empire, so the British declared that Egypt was independent of the Ottoman Empire. It wasn't until much later, however--in the 1950s--that Egypt finally became independent of the British.
  • The tradition of open-bisexuality in Tokugawa Japan can be traced back to homosexuality in the royal courts of ancient China.
That's all I've got. This week was not one for learning, apparently...

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