Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pseudo-mono strikes again

Here I am, at the end of another Scholarship Weekend. For those of you who don't know, Scholarship Weekend is a time for prospective-students to come to Augsburg's campus and compete for fine arts (theater, film, art, and music) and Honors (President's and Honors Regents) scholarships. My Scholarship Weekend, two years ago, was cut short, as there was a massive blizzard that Thursday/Friday.
Students who receive scholarships are required to help out during subsequent Scholarship Weekends. My job, stupidly, didn't go so well. Remember how I've been sick with a mysterious mono-alike for the past two or so weeks? It flared up again today. After waking up at about 9:30, I took a shower, baked a cake, and was about to leave to take loads of amazing photos of the event, and then, somehow, fell asleep for another four hours. What's wrong with me? Stupid weird sickness.

After I woke up, Mitch left for a show downtown somewhere, and I surfed the web during a time I should have been doing homework. I did, eventually, read a bit out of Palace Walk, which is for my history course (History of the Modern Non-Western World). It's about a traditional Muslim family in Egypt, set during the time after World War I. Though none of the book so far has been what you might call thrilling, it's been an addictive read. I guess I shouldn't be surprised: it won a Nobel Prize for Literature, though that's not always indicative of a book someone outside the literary world will enjoy.

Ah, poop in a basket. It's late. I drank some tea not too long ago, but it's caffeine effects have already worn off/didn't do anything in the keeping-me-awake-long-enough-to-get-more-homework-done department.

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