Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"I just wanna throw some dead animals."

As much as I hate waking up mega early to go to HON 240 (Science, Technology, and Citizenship) lab, I LOVE what we do in lab. Today, for example, we dissected sheep hearts, and then played with pre-dissected baby pigs. That second activity wasn't as exciting for me, as we completely dissected pigs in high school biology, but Jess took a good video of me trying to cut open our pig's throat to expose the organs and muscles under the skin.

Check out Homemade's YouTube channel for the rest of the lab videos and Homemade's Flickr site for some still-shots.

Kristen wrote on my Facebook wall, saying if I get to work on time tomorrow, she'll buy me a cookie. It's good incentive, really, because I get pretty hungry come noon-ish, and I often forget to bring food for myself. The reason she told me I have to get to work on time is because lately, I've had a lot of trouble waking up. I, of course, have a reasons for this (being ill, Mitch thinks I have mono, though I disagree), but I know, deep down, reasons don't excuse behaviour. I'll be on time, Kristen! I want a cookie. :D

GUESS WHAT? Mitch and I found an apartment, and we were accepted, so we're signing the lease on Thursday. The apartment's in a building in the old mansion district--sort of between uptown and downtown. It's a huge apartment, and basically everything in it--the appliances, the flooring, the paint--are (is?) all new. We move in April. APRIL! That's less than two months away. In less than two months, I won't be living on campus anymore. I know I'll miss the convenience, but having our own place--a BIG place--is going to rock.


Kristen Chamberlain said...

Actually, I don't mind that you come in late. I just thought I'd have to put some sort of condition upon the cookie. It could have just as easily been "I'll bring you a cookie tomorrow if you wear your Baracktimus Prime T-Shirt."

Mnemosyne said...

No, it's a good thing you made my punctuality the condition. I am motivated by food.