Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And his name shall be Per

We got our dog's name tag! We went to PetSmart the other day to pick up a puppy harness and shampoo, and got so excited we just had to get the tag, too. Of course, that means we chose a name: Per, which is Norwegian. We've been settled on Per for a while--I'd say, since at least this fall. I even named my Nintendogs Shiba Per. :)
Anyway, here's the tag. Now all we need is to go to our breeder's ranch, pick the puppy, and then wait another month (our puppy was born on Valentine's Day). WOOO PUPPY!

In other news, HON 240 (Science, Technology, and Citizenship) was pretty good today. We analyzed plants--mostly to see how they pollinate and fertilize. Did you know that when you eat peanuts, you're eating peanut embryos?

Phil diagramming a stargazer lily

Frequently, over the entire span of this roughly two hour lab, students would make trips to the bin of mixed nuts, grab a couple, walk back to their seats, and proceed to smash the nutshells open and eat the hidden goodies. Then we learned some of the nuts were about three years old.

Caroline, Whitney, and Phil cracking open nuts

Professor Kunz offering formidable nutcracking help

And at the end of the lab, we got to take home the extra flowers not used in analysis. I took one stargazer lily, one daisy, and one purple flower I don't know the name of. They lasted outside their vase for only a few hours--then I had to throw them away (their pollen was getting all over my clothes). Having them for that short time made me miss having fresh flowers in my house (last summer, Mitch brought me a fresh bouquet ever Thursday. Lovely!). Aaah, spring/summer...

I took my first International Economics exam tonight. Well, "first exam" is a little misleading. There are only two over the course of the semester: a midterm and a final.
Let's just say my performance on the exam was nothing close to stellar. But really, if you read my last post, International Economics should satisfy the foreign language requirement, you should feel sympathy for me.

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