Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starting off 2009 + Ducktators

You wanna know what I've been up to since the start of the new year?
Of course you do. (POMP).

Well, first of all, I've decided to not take my second semester of Japanese this coming semester. After a couple weeks of trying to cram in enough studying to pass Michiko-sensei's first semester final (to show her I was ready for my second semester), I realized there was no way I could re-teach myself all the Japanese I'd need to know. So, I've made an executive decision in my life that goes something like this: I will re-take Japanese I starting next year. This means I'm wasting money, as I've already technically taken Japanese I (in Tokyo, during my study abroad), but I feel this is the best option for me actually learning the language, and not just pretending to (which, I admit, is largely what happened while I was in Tokyo).
So, in place of Japanese II (which I was going to take this semester), I'll take History 104: The Modern Non-Western World with Donald Gustafson (who is an amazing professor, I hear). It's part of my International Relations major, so I'd take it eventually anyway.
This also means, though, that I bought one too many textbooks--I already bought my Japanese I guess all I can do is hope that Michiko-sensei uses it next year--or else I'll have to sell it back on

Hmm...what else have I done?
Well, I finished re-reading Twilight and New Moon. I'm onto Eclipse now. I meant to re-read Midnight Sun before I re-read New Moon, but then I forgot and didn't want to go back. I'll re-read Midnight Sun when I'm done re-reading the entire series, as I did the first time through.
I still have to read The Tales of Beedle the Bard, The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy, and the two graphic-novels my parents got me for Christmas: Ocarina of Time: Vol. 1 and Kingdom Hearts II Vol.1.
And then, don't forget, I have to play KH Re: CoM! So many things to do before class begins again...

Mitch left for Chicago today. He's going/leading the ABO (Augsburg Business Organization) through two busy days of meeting with Augsburg alumni and networking. It's a relatively cheap trip (about $200, I think), and they get a day (Saturday) to do whatever they want in the great city of Chicago. I wanted to go, especially so I could meet up with one of my study abroad buddies, Steve, but I couldn't afford it. Poop.

Mitch and I have started really looking for an apartment. Mitch wants to move out as early as April, and so it won't be long before crunch-time sets in. I bought some more housewares yesterday, which was exciting (call me a boring housewife, but housewares make me happy), yet sad in my wallet, because I'm very poor at the moment. Ali + no work over break = poor Ali. :(

Mitch and I have been trying our darn-dest to get through all the Oscar-buzz films before they're announced at the Golden Globes (although we don't care about those as much)/nominated for the Academy Awards. So far, we've, at some point, seen: Milk, Frost/Nixon, The Wrestler, The Reader, Revolutionary Road, Slumdog Millionaire, Burn After Reading, In Bruges, The Dark Knight, and Tropic Thunder (I can't believe Tom Cruise was nominated for a Golden Globe for this film). My favorites? Milk, Frost/Nixon, Slumdog Millionaire, and In Bruges. I'm rooting for Heath Ledger to win for The Dark Knight, Milk, Slumdog, or Frost/Nixon to win Best Pic, Kate Winslet to win for The Reader...and I'm bored of thinking about this for now.

Have you ever seen Ducktators? It's an old Loony Toons World War II propaganda short. I don't know why I suddenly thought of it, but I found it online for you to watch. I've got it on tape somewhere at my parent's house. It's amazing, in a hilarious (oh-em-gee, this was for children?) way.

Oh, and here's me in the empty box my vacuum came in. It's amazing how much difference in a room a good vacuuming can make. Love you Mom and Bob (love the vacuum!).

I'm in there--you can see a little bit of my jeans on the right-hand side.

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