Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Barack Hussein Obama, fruit-measurements

I used Obama's middle name because there's no reason to shy way from it. In fact, I think it's pretty cool that he was elected, with a name like "Barack Hussein Obama," especially in light of the fact that there are still people in the United States who care; i.e. racists. And don't pretend like you don't know this country is still full of them, even if they are secretive about it.
Anyway, at last, we're no longer run by a complete moron and his pushy V.P., an utterly unethical piece of trash. Harsh words, maybe, but busy Tuesdays make me crabby, and damn it, I'll say what I feel!
[Barack is finally our President!]

Me and Caroline, a fellow-Honors Program student. She's from Norway.
P.S. Yes, I'm wearing a "Baracktimus Prime" t-shirt.

Yesterday in Science, Technology, and Citizenship, which is the Honors Program science course, we did a lab on units of measurement. Every group got a different kind of fruit, and had to measure various objects with the fruit. It was supposed to teach us how valuable it is to have units of measurement that make sense. Sam and I used a banana--it was so hard to measure small things with our fruit! For example, measuring a page out of a textbook was devilishly impossible.

How many bananas is the cell phone?


After International Economics last night, Whitney and I, along with a very smart young man, stopped outside the classroom to discuss classes and politics. It was a surprisingly enlightening discussion. I told Whitney how I often felt bad for her and Shannon, and others like them. Don't know what I mean? Well, Whitney is a religious conservative. And to those who may not know, Augsburg is a liberal campus. Not officially, but it's usually natural for a college to develop an inclination one way or another. We are affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church, but that doesn't mean much to the people who don't attend chapel or any other religious services or organizations offered on campus. It's very easy to be a non-religious Liberal at Augsburg, and some of us take that for granted. And so I told Whitney how I often feel bad for her, like when so many people around campus have loud discussions about how much the Bush administration sucked, and how McCain was a total ass during the campaign season. Which--don't get me wrong--I agree with. I think it would be hard, though, to be Whitney. She's a very brave girl.

Of course, Augsburg is very open to different points of view. Part of that comes with being an urban campus. But just like I have to try a little harder to accept many of the people in my hometown (a small, conservative, Midwestern town), so it must be for Whitney.

Some International Economics notes

Sometimes, while doing economics, I feel like my brain is going to explode.

Oh! One more thing: Mitch got a very important call last night. He got his internship! It's with MVP Marketing and Design. During one of Mitch's two interviews, the head of the firm said the internship will probably segue into a full-time job after graduation. Not only that, but the internship is paid! That's good news, as moving off-campus and getting a puppy will deplete any savings we've accumulated over the year.
So anyway, you should congratulate Mitch. I'm so proud!

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