Saturday, January 10, 2009

O! R! G! A! N! I! Z! A! T! I! O! N!: a to-do list

I've noticed it's really hard to be constructive over break, what with me not working and such.
So here's the checklist of things I need to do before/directly after classes resume (this Monday, January 12). I'll be updating the checklist with "X"s for completed tasks.

*Email Michiko-sensei, telling her about my change of plans regarding Japanese class ( X )
*Pester Academic Advising about Directed Studies: can they be .25 or .5 credits? ( X )
*Give the room a last, solid cleaning before Mitch comes home from Chicago ( X )
*Email Emily--when is she going to work at the
Comm. Studies desk? ( X )
*Type up and post the new Comm. Studies desk hours ( X )
*Re-type and turn in Comm. Studies Club constitution ( "X," meaning I'm not doing this until somebody makes me, I've decided)
*Read old Time articles about homosexuality
(the ignorance was astounding) ( )
*Print out SCLE syllabus ( X )
*Retrieve A Kabuki Reader from Lindell Library ( X )
*Do laundry ( X )
*Make sure Lily gets whatever books she wants to borrow for
Liberating Letters ( X )
*Eat the rest of the pumpkin bread (too late, it's gross) ( X )
*Make lefse before it gets moldy (too late, it's moldy) ( X )
*Order exam-copies... ( )
*Post new Speakers Lab fliers ( )
*Give Speakers Lab fliers to mail room ( )
*Watch the Golden Globes ( X )
*Post Speakers Lab hours on A-Mail ( X )
*Buy more bronzer/athletic tape/mini-scissors? ( X )
*Order non-verbal books, if Academic Advising OKs Directed Study ( "X,"because the Directed Study is a no-go )
*Waste less time look at Facebook bumper stickers (sad) ( )
*Finish/get nearly done with Eclipse time #2 ( )
*Charge/make sure mini-laptop is charged/has enough battery for Tuesday's classes ( X )
*Urge my Science, Technology, and Citizenship professor to cancel class on Inauguration Day. If she does not oblige, inform her I will be skipping that day ( )
*Make a consultation/full appointment with Moxie ( X )
*Write a letter to Grandma ( )
*Write a letter to G-ma and G-pa ( X )
*Ask Mom if she can put Pokemon VHS on DVD (LOL) ( X )
*Email Martha ( X )
*Get $5 in cash for exam copies ( X )
*Email Wayne in Academic Advising ( X )
*Turn in Comm. Studies Club constitution ( )
*Mail grandparent letters ( )

P.S. Yes, I have been adding to this list. I promise I'll stop adding eventually. It's just that some of these tasks introduce other, related tasks that fulfill the original tasks. That almost didn't make sense.

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Kristen Chamberlain said...

That is an impressive list. Now I feel like I need to make an impressive list as well. But, I think I will have to invent items to go on it so that it looks as good as yours.