Friday, January 9, 2009

Look at what I found on the interwebs!

I met with Kristen today! It was a good time.
Not to mention it was enough to get me out of bed before 10 A.M. I've been looking for an excuse to do that for days. I got my time sheet signed, so hopefully I'll get paid come January 15. I need money soooo badly.

OK, so I'm going to be honest with you: I've done nothing of consequence the last two days, other than meeting with Kristen, which was really just a very long, fun chat, and had no far-reaching implications. I have, however, found some good stuff online.

The first is a blog written by a crazy lady. And by crazy lady, I mean she represents at most .01% of the population (I made that statistic up, obviously). Hopefully. Not even my most conservative/religious friends are close to what this lady is like. Her views are so radical, she might fit in well with the Westboro Baptist Church. She's very, very bizarre.
Generation X-Pose is her blog.
Read ALL of it. I am not kidding. ALL of it. Here are just a few teasers to get you interested, if you're not already:

"Want to know how to really stop the spread of AIDS? Quit being a SODOMITE!
"I probably have spent more time making fun of gay people than praying for them or weeping over the lostness of homosexuals - guilty as charged."
--Dani, the crazy lady

So that's that.
Another neat thing I found was on Flickr. It's a Photostream made up mostly of pictures from Japan. The photographer is very good, and gets a lot of shots that really capture what it's like to visit and live in Japan: Altus.

I also encourage you to check out my Photostream, as I've added some new photos from my study abroad trip to Tokyo. I have a free Flickr account, so I can add only 100 mbs of photos per month, and I easily used that up with my new additions; although, keep in mind that the Japan-photos on my Photostream are not all I have. Look forward to more in the coming months.
Anyway, check them out, kk?
Here are just a few:

The Three Wise Monkeys at the Toshogu Shrine

Coco Farm and Winery

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