Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lab. Lab. Biology lab.

First things first: Amber Davis, an amazing gal who I worked with in the Admissions Office's backroom last semester, studied theater in Bali last semester. Well, yesterday, while I worked in the Communication Studies office, she stopped by and gave me the gift she brought back for me: a lovely and incredibly happy sarong.
I wore it around my neck today. It's a good match for me: it's made out of some lovely and cheerful-colored (I'm assuming it was dyed) fabric.

As you know, today is Tuesday. And as you may know, my Tuesdays are disgustingly busy. I'm in class nearly all day. Seriously. I am not exaggerating. Nine hours of class. Anyway, we looked at different kinds of cells in our HON 240 (Science, Technology, and Citizenship) lab. My favorite was volvox, which is a colony of cells that "floats" around. It's mega neat.

Sam pretending to be annoyed with me as I searched for cells under the 'scope

Oh, and Professor Gustafson, who teaches my History of Modern Non-Western World course, brought in a little statue from Ghana for show-and-tell. This one is for luck/health in childbirth and motherhood.

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