Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hollis Watkins, civil-rights activist, speaks at Augsburg

On Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, all classes were canceled. However, we did have convocation.
Convocation at Augsburg basically means that famous people come to campus and speak. For example, last year, Jane Fonda was one of our guests. Neat, huh?
Anyway, this past Monday, Hollis Watkins, a civil-rights activist spoke at our 21st annual Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation. He touched on his relationship with MLK, and how we exalt him so much, we sometimes forget we can be just as influential as he was--if we try. My favorite part of his speech, though, was when he blamed his generation for not stepping back to let my generation (and Generation X, to be fair) get on with the progressive issues of our time. He said we--that is, Generation X and Y (although he didn't mention them by name, I assume that's what he meant)--need to pick people like him up off the road, place them on the side, and demand that they sit back and let us get on with things.
I'm a little upset with myself for not taking copious notes like I did at the Winona LaDuke Convocation, but I did get some videos:

A local chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha performed before the main event

A community choir entertained the crowd

President Paul Pribbenow spoke about President Obama and MLK

Hollis Watkins

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