Tuesday, January 13, 2009

His young god-daughter: a Facebook convo

So: I came back from 6-nearly straight-hours of class this afternoon, and checked my Twilight sites (to see if there was any new, good news). Apparently, this Thursday, Mute Math will be on The Tonight Show, playing "Spotlight," which is that fantastic song from the Twilight movie (at the part where Edward brings Bella to school for the first time, and he's the epitome of bad-assery).
So, naturally, I reflected my excitement in my Facebook status. This is the conversation that ensued. Note: Readers not fans of Twilight will probably not find this hilarious.

Alison at 3:51pm on January 13
[Status] The Tonight Show. Thursday. Omg.

Ian DeFoe at 3:55pm January 13
What?? Something about Twilight?
I sense it's something about Twilight.

Alison Rapp at 3:57pm January 13
Why, because I said "Omg," and that is usually only used when I'm acting ridiculous about something?
So yes, you are right. Mute Math will be the musical guest star, and they're going to play Spotlight! omgomgomgomg.

Alison Rapp at 3:57pm January 13
Also, I'm glad that you can read my moods/obsessions.

Ian DeFoe at 3:58pm January 13
Hahahahahaha, right??
It's our shared Twilight-love.
We are bonded together through our love of terribad lit.

Alison Rapp at 4:03pm January 13
OMG also:
I'm taking the Honors science course (it's what Honors kids who are bad at science take, so it's not as impressive as it sounds). Anyway, our course is geared toward disasters and catastrophes. We got a handout today: a list of some example topics for our final project. Guess what one of them was? THE SPANISH INFLUENZA OF 1918.
I nearly peed with happiness.

Ian DeFoe at 4:05pm January 13
Also, are you familiar with the Veronicas?
For some reason their super-chic pop revival of the 80's synth era makes me think of you.
Listen in: http://www.imeem.com/theveronicas/music/r28oB91t/the_veronicas_untouched/
(P.S. this is totally not an evil virus link. To prove that it's me: Twilight Twilight Twilight, Jasper Jasper Jasper, omgbellaisdumbwtf.)

Alison Rapp at 4:09pm January 13
Yes! The other day, I told Mitch how many Twilight fans frequently/always hate Bella, because she makes some really stupid decisions.
Also, I think you perhaps know me TOO well. Such music, that is, electric-y-sounding music is a favorite, er, kind(?) of mine. I like the bleeps and bloops.
And I am seriously thinking about doing the Spanish Influenza. I will probably opt for something less generic, but wouldn't it be WAY fun? Then, when Edward talked about it, I could be like, "I KNOW THIS STUFF," and it would be amazing.

Ian DeFoe at 4:11pm January 13
Yeah, it'd pretty much be incredible. I would understand your opting away from it, though. It's a little generic. But you could put a WHOLE bunch of little Twilight references in it that only really savvy Twilighters would understand.

Ian DeFoe at 4:12pm January 13
Also, speaking of boops and beeps, do you like Lady Gaga?

Alison Rapp at 4:16pm January 13
I haven't listened to any of her music except that one really popular song that my friends made me listen to.
I could write "Like any medical disaster, the Spanish Influenza brought about a re-emergence of some people's more superstitious sides. Numerous rumors about dying patients turning to vampires, especially, resurfaced--although, needless to say, these rumors have never been confirmed."

Ian DeFoe at 4:18pm January 13
"And had such rumors ever been confirmed, the evidence would most certainly suggest that a certain recently popular author's imagining of the vampire epidemic would be absolutely absurd."

Alison Rapp at 4:20pm January 13
"Further evidence discounts these rumors, as most sources have been traced to Forks, Washington, which had no reported cases of the Spanish flu."

Ian DeFoe at 4:26pm January 13
"In fact, most sources have been traced to a single family living in Forks. While the government has urged the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security that terrorist activity is not likely, a federal investigation is underway."

Alison Rapp at 4:29pm January 13
"The source of the remaining rumors, a Native American community near Forks, may be easily discredited on account of another of their claims: 'A few of us are werewolves.'"

Ian DeFoe at 4:32pm January 13
"If the absurdity of their claim wasn't enough to null any validity, several of the agents investigating have sworn statements testifying that one of the Native American youth was, in fact, 'a big douchebag.' Additionally, a second investigation is currently being discussed involving suspect illicit and pedophilic activity between the aforementioned youth and his young god-daughter."

Alison Rapp at 4:36pm January 13
I have nothing to come back with from that. That was HILARIOUS! I seriously, SERIOUSLY laughed-out-loud. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Ian DeFoe at 4:36pm January 13
Hahahahaha, same with your previous one! I was in stitches! I feel like that little repartee should be on a blog somewhere.

Alison Rapp at 4:37pm January 13
I will make it a blog post right now.

And so I have.

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