Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bush presidency is no more. In less significant news...

My weekend:

I got my hair cut at Moxie Saturday. Moxie is such a neat place. As part of your fee, you get free drinks, a scalp-massage, and of course, a fantastic 'do. Amanda, my stylist, "fixed" my hair, so that the dark color that was taking way too long to fade out, is less noticeable, and my hair looks more like it used to: blonde. Yes, I am a natural blonde. It's OK if you didn't know. Sometimes, even Mitch forgets.

Tada! Ali the blonde. The picture, for some reason, makes my hair look a lot lighter than it is in reality, but you get the idea.

After Moxie, Mitch and I visited my grandma in St. Louis Park. I can't remember exactly how old Grandma is, but she's well over eighty. When I asked her how she's feeling, she said "miserable." Well, poo! Poor Grandma. She's nearly always in good spirits, though. And there were Christmas presents there for me and Mitch: he got jelly beans from my Aunt Deb (I got a gift card to Target), and I also got a candle from my cousin, Alicia. The candle smells like breakfast food.

Saturday was a busy day: after Grandma's house, Mitch and I drove to Ikea, where we picked up some more stuff for our new place (since we're moving out of the dorms this spring). We got wine glasses, chair cushions, a dog bed, among other things--for cheap, of course. Ikea is every on-a-budget person's dream: cheap housewares. You have to be careful, of course, to not get the cheap-in-quality stuff--for example, avoid any furniture made from polycarbonate and not real wood. Other things, like glass jars, are pretty much guaranteed to be fine--after all, it's pretty hard to screw up glass.

I'm considering taking a class at EXCO, which is the Twin Cities Experimental College. It's a need organization: you can facilitate or take a course for free. You don't get credit, of course, but that's not really the point. The point is to learn from one another, which is an admirable thing in itself, I think. Anyway, I'm considering taking the Citizen Journalism course taught by a woman from the Twin Cities Daily Planet--which is on Franklin (i.e. close to Augsburg). Neat, huh? I don't know if I'll do it though: it's on Wednesday nights during the whole month of February--and Thursdays are very busy for me, so I'm a little wary of adding anything to my schedule that would detract from studying time. Studying is very important to me.

Guess what? Mitch made me a "romantic" dinner Sunday night. He made mahi-mahi, which is a kind of fish, green beens, and scalloped potatoes. I put "romantic" in quotes because we don't yet have a table that we can put romantic candles on, etc., so we ate at the coffee table--but it's the thought that counts. :)

Oishii desu

I was so full

Ah...I'm tired. Tomorrow is the dreaded Tuesday. Nooooooooo! I hate my life on Tuesdays.
In other news, Barack Obama will be inaugurated tomorrow, which is AWESOME.

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