Saturday, January 31, 2009

Battle of the 'Burgs, ASAC's All-Nighter

Yesterday was jam-packed with Auggie fun:

First came the wrestling match: Augsburg (ranked #1 in the nation) vs. Wartburg (ranked #2 in the nation). To be totally honest with you, it was the first wrestling meet I'd been to since high school. Which is really, really stupid considering how good Augsburg is. I mean, we're freakin' #1 in the nation. Last year, when we finished #3 (I think), we were disappointed. #3. Oh, the shame of finishing third in the nation. We've won ten national championships in the last seventeen years. So, in summation, Augsburg's wrestling team is pretty damn good.
Anyway, Lily and I went to the meet and got some good videos of the action--so check out Homemade's YouTube site, yo!
Oh, P.S., we kicked Wartburg tush.

One of the videos. Sweet, huh?

After the meet, we hoofed it back from Si Melby to Christensen Center for the ASAC All-Nighter, which is a huge event put on for the whole student body. ASAC (Augsburg Student Activities Council) brought in a hypnotist, a magician, and Shwazye, a rapper. I danced!

Caffeinated beverages to help us stay awake for the whole event. Mmm!

After the All-Nighter, I went over to Beau's place in Luther Hall and hung out with him and his roomies (and some other hilarious wrestlers). I didn't go home until nearly 8 A.M.: people going to weekend college were heading to class as I was finally going back to my room. I so rarely stay out late that it felt quite bizarre.

And now I'm going to wake Mitch up so he can take me to the grocery store. I'm going to make muffins for Beau, Ky, and whoever they want to share with: Augsburg's got another meet in Moorhead tomorrow, and they have to leave at 7 A.M to make the 2 P.M. meet-time, so I figured some yummy muffins will be much appreciated.

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Lillian The Great said...

"Caffeinated" beverages when most of them were Sierra Mist. Also, how do I get a nifty class list on my blog? And how about that Homemade badge?