Friday, December 19, 2008

Vinyls, herpes, and root beer

Tuesday night, Mom and I looked through all her old vinyls--some hers, some her dad's. I was searching specifically for Frank Sinatra vinyls, and I did find some, but I also found some other cool albums, like a Tchaikovsky album containing all of the Nutcracker, and--you'll never guess--a Clair de Lune vinyl! NO FREAKIN' WAY! I trust that Twilighters will understand my excitement more than non-Twilighters.
We also found some funny stuff, like a vinyl of The Stripper ("and other fun songs for the family"), and a Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass album with a very provocative cover.

I don't care if he was a chauvinist pig--Frank Sinatra was the epitome of cool.

"The Stripper--and other fun songs for the family" --LOL.

This cover is amazing.

We listened to the albums the next day while we set up our Christmas tree. Then we stacked all the presents underneath, and then, of course, like every year, Ernie tried to bat them around.

The finished product

Maggie chasing the mop before we put up the tree

I can't believe how much snow is on the ground up here! I was very surprised. Last year, I feel like we didn't have snow at all (I know we had a little), but this year, we're getting dumped on. My favorite part is when it's recently snowed, and the giant pine trees in my backyard have snow-coatings on their needles. It looks like something off a postcard.

This isn't a very good example of the postcard-likeness, but it's still nice

My rough-coated collie, Sadie

My step-dad's collie, Boris

I spent Wednesday night at Mitch's house. The next day, I met Justin at the Drive In for lunch (I had a fish sandwich basket with chive fries and two glasses of root beer). After that, Mitch and I visited with Mr. Nelson, our high school band director, in our old band room. Then, I met Calvin at the Drive In for dinner; I ate a chicken strip basket and another glass of root beer. It was the first time we've (me and Calvin, not me and root beer) met up since last summer, when I had him, along with Alan, spend the night at my dorm. How I missed Calvin! He told me I had herpes, after seeing a cut on my hand that looked a little pink. What a thing to tell your friend after not seeing them for half a year: "It looks like you have herpes." What the heck.

When I got home, Mom popped in Dr. Zhivago, a three hour movie from 1965 that won a poop-ton of Oscar's. The movie was good, of course, but I wasn't totally sold on the love story--it seemed so inconsequential for much of the film.
Halfway through, I made an ice cream run to the supermarket, and then slurped two root beer floats while we finished the movie. It was a good day. SO MUCH ROOT BEER!

Today, I should really study. Japanese class is only a month or so away, and I have to re-learn all the Japanese I've forgotten--which is most of it.

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corywins said...

That cover might be provocative but the actual album is even better.