Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Procrastination is spelled "Twilight" and "denial"

Other than dealing with the somber news of Katie's death (see Auggies are compassionate), I haven't been doing much of anything I should be. In fact, I've been doing none of it. Do you realize how much homework I have to do before finals? Of course you don't. But I realize it. Yet I do nothing. Stupid, stupid Ali!
I bet you know what I am doing. That's right, Twilight. I bet you're wondering what I could possibly doing that I haven't already done (read, watched, listened), but I'm managing: re-reading Twilight (I'll be re-reading the whole series), basically looping the movie (watching it whenever I have a spare minute), and listening to the soundtrack, score, and my newly created Twilight series playlist (adapted from Stephenie Meyer's playlists, which she says are comprised of music she feels is symbolic of the series). You should check them out, even if you're not a Twilight fan: Meyer has a great taste in music: lots of Muse, Blue October, Coldplay, and others. Once you get to the main site, click on each book, then on the left, there's a link labeled "Playlist." Click that.
And please, if you're a fan and haven't listened to the movie's soundtrack yet, you're seriously missing out. It's a real treat. My three favorites are "Spotlight" by Mute Math, "Go All the Way (Into Twilight)" by Perry Farrell, and "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" by Iron and Wine. Those first two are seriously catchy, and the third is from the last major scene in the film (where Edward and Bella "dance," and he pretends to "change" her), which is definitely sweet in a lot of ways.
Although, "Eyes on Fire" by Blue Foundation is also pretty damn good.


(Go All the Way)

(Flightless Bird, American Mouth)

(Eyes on Fire)

Hmm...what else? Oh! The museum project for Honors Religion 200 that's worth, oh I don't know, like half my grade or something, is not going so well. i.e. we haven't got very far in our work. At least many of my classmates seem to be in the same boat: mass procrastination is always more fun, yet I suppose much more deadly.

I'm meeting with my soon-to-be-Japanese-professor, Michiko sensei, on Friday at St. Thomas. I have to miss most, if not all, of my last day of Microeconomics class, but I don't have much of a choice: I've already been a pest to the St. Thomas faculty (sending frustrated emails about not needing to take placement tests, etc.), so the least I can do is meet when it's convenient for my professor, who, in all honesty, could decide to not let me into the class if she didn't think I was ready. Eep. So I guess what I'm getting at is I should be preparing for this meeting: even just looking at my Sophia University (my Tokyo school) textbooks, re-learning a bit of hiragana and vocabulary...but like I said earlier, I've the exact opposite of constructive lately.

Even the dishes are taking a hit! The sink is overflowing. Gross...

Oh, hey:
check out the very bottom of my blog. I made a playlist! I couldn't get it to fit in the side bar of my blog, though, so it's gotta be at the very bottom where many people are not likely to look. :(

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