Thursday, December 11, 2008

The last week: characterized by the holidays and nerd-dom

Yes, yes, I know: I haven't made a detailed post in over a week.
But, well, it's the last week of class--finals start on Monday, so I have an excuse. Right?

Let me start with decorating the office, which Kristen and I did last week. Well, we set up the tree, and Wes and Becca hung lights around the walls.
I brought in egg nog and Kristen brought muffins. Delicious! We turned on some Christmas music while we worked, but by the second hour or so of listening to it, I started to go crazy and turned it off. I think I have reached the point in my life where too much holiday music makes me go bonkers.

On Saturday (I think), Mitch, Brian, Alan, and I ate at a Mongolian restaurant, then went mini-golfing in Coon Rapids, where Alan lives. Some kid's birthday party was also going on, so for most of our time there, we complained about out-of-control children. I swear to god, there is little I respect more than a parent whose child is properly disciplined, and little I respect less than a parent whose child is not.
All in all, though, the outing was fun. I tied for last place in mini golf (boo), but kicked every one's butt in the arcade-racing game we played afterward. I also won three stuffies out of claw machines. They're nothing like the stuff I won in Japan, though. The stuffies in claw machines here in the U.S. are usually boring and/or creepy.

Brian taking a shot

Alan's butt. Obviously.

Guess what I got in the mail this week?
Except...Mitch won't let me play it until finals are over. I made the mistake of telling him (once, and I have no idea when) that when I start playing a new KH game, I don't stop. I will stay up until the early morning playing. Every night. Even when class is only a few hours away.
So now he's not letting me play until I'm done with my last final, which is in Argumentation next Tuesday. POOP.
And you know what's really sad about the whole thing? People keep asking me what I think of the game, and I have to tell them that I haven't played it yet. SOME FAN I AM. D:<

I also got a CULLEN CREST RING (as in, the amazing Cullen coven from Twilight). Yes, you read right. I now wear the Cullen crest on my right thumb. I got it off Etsy, which is a website where people can sell homemade goods. My ring was only $7, because the woman that makes them had a sale the day I bought it. Sa-weet.

Are my hands really that wrinkly?

Yesterday afternoon, I chilled with Beau in the Film department area (behind the Communication Studies office) while he edited one of his assignments. We also ate lots of cookies (well, I ate lots of cookies--he ate only a few) left over from the Comm. Studies holiday party. Chilling with Beau turned out to be a bad idea, though, as my Microeconomics assignment took a lot longer than I'd anticipated. I had to ask for an extension from my Professor.
You see, I could have got the assignment done on time, would it not be that I read every chapter (even though it's not technically required), take copious notes, and do the practice assignments before I start the real deal. So by the time I got to the real, graded assignment, I had, like, five minutes before the deadline. My professor, Kevin Bowman, was understanding, though, and has given me until 11 PM tonight to complete the assignment. Yay!

That's all for now. Kristen and I are talking about houses. :D

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Chue said...

:O KH, best game ever. i cant wait for KH3. i might have to buy a ps3 just to play it lol.