Thursday, December 11, 2008

Auggies care

Another one.
Another Auggie has died. Last Saturday, an Auggie named Matt died from some sort of medication complication. I've heard different things, but they all point to medication. Some sort of reaction or something.

That's two Auggies within in a week and three this semester.

You know what's really strange? Mitch said that in his four years here (this is his fourth), no current Auggie had died. And then, all of a sudden, three are lost.

But, like I said after Katie's death last week, Augsburg, compared to many other places, is a really good place to have to deal with grief. Our staff is so caring, so considerate. And especially, we as students know one another--and so when somebody gets hurt, or passes on, that person is more than just another student, another number to us: he or she is like a fellow, a comrade--somebody just like us.

Small schools are good for more reasons than you might think of...:)

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