Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Auggies are compassionate

Last Saturday, an Augsburg student named Katie died in a car accident. Katie and I were in the Honors Program together, and last year we sang in Riverside Singers together. And most recently, Katie and I took Honors Religion 200 together--at 9:10 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Then, the Monday after her death, two days ago, she wasn't there. It was eerie.

You know what makes Augsburg a really good place to be? In the face of the untimely death of two of its students--Ahmed a few months ago and Katie last weekend--we gather together. We mourn together. Professors push back assignments, cancel classes, and send out supportive emails to students. In the face of tragedy, Augsburg is a comforting place to be. People care. We reach out to each other, pat each other on the back, be silent for one another, and ultimately, take pride in the fact that we are a compassionate community.

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