Monday, December 29, 2008

<3 the holidays

Mitch and I are back at Augsburg. We spent the last week and a half in Milaca, chilling and eating. I ate again at the Drive In a couple times--once with Logan Marxhausen, a friend from high school. We talked mainly about studying abroad (he's studying at the Hogwarts castle this spring semester--AWESOME), and politics (he's a hardcore Libertarian; he loves Ron Paul).

So here's how my Christmas went:

I got a vacuum! Hooray! Now we have a clean floor. And everywhere else, because it has attachments, so I can clean crevices and furniture. Yessss.
I also got some good CDs (including one of the sounds of the Yamanote train line in Tokyo), a gift card to Moxie, where I go for haircuts and such (I can finally get one), Nintendogs (it's ridiculously cute), and other things. Overall, I had a good haul. And guess what? Mom made my favorite kind of holiday cookie--the "pink kind," which I call it, as I don't know the technical name, even after all these years of eating them.

We spent Christmas Eve at my house. The whole gang came up--my sister Aimee, her husband Ryan and his son Quentin, my other sister Cherish, and of course, Mitch and my little brother Tyler were there. Grandma didn't come this year, as she had other plans, so here's to next year!

My family's cat, Ernie, sleeping by the fire

My nephew enthusiastically playing Mario Kart Wii

My oldest sister, Cherish, curling up for a nap after dinner

Toting my new purse, sheets, and necklace. Hoorah!

I slept at Mitch's place Xmas Eve night, and we woke up Christmas Day morning to open presents with his mom, dad, and sister and her boyfriend. I had a mimosa (orange juice and champagne) for the first time. I thought it was a little hilarious, having alcohol that early in the morning, but it was still neat. After that, we all went over to Mitch's Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's house, just a few blocks from where his parents live. This also turned out to be a good time, although I'll admit I fell asleep after dinner (who has never done that?). We played a lot of games--Kerplunk (I failed miserably), Apples to Apples (albeit, the Junior Edition, because his/our cousin got it for Christmas), Twister, Guitar Hero (Mitch got World Tour from my parents) and some other fun game I can't remember the name of.
And yes I just ended that sentence with a preposition.

Mitch's cousin Leah playing Guitar Hero

"Better than the first one."
--Leah, about the iTunes gift card she got being better than the first present she opened (underwear)

That's all for now. More to come about break and the last couple days back at Augsburg. Right now, I have to take care of Per, my Nintendogs Shiba Inu, and then study.../not study/re-read New Moon. >:D


Chue said...

oh my, you got the Yamanote soundtrack? lol thats so cool :D

i'm so jealous, you got so many presents for christmas. hmmm.....being in Tokyo, there is no one to give me any gifts :(. so i went shopping and got myself some gifts lol.

Mnemosyne said...

That is at once endearing and a little tragic. Hang in there, Chue!