Sunday, November 30, 2008

You don't need to tell me I'm ridiculous

It's been so long since I wrote! Nearly a week...

So, here's what I did over Thanksgiving break, in a nutshell (cramming Tuesday-Sunday into one post will be hard, but I can do it):

Tuesday, I went to Argumentation, and then Mitch and I drove home. I can't remember what I did that afternoon, but that night I read the rest of New Moon (Twilight book #2) and all of Eclipse (book #3). I stayed up until 5 A.M. reading--it was so worth it.

Guess what I did Wednesday evening? Went to see Twilight (the movie) with Taryn and Cassie.

From left to right: Jasper Hale, Alice Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Edward Cullen

Edward being proud of his Bella

Edward pretending to "change" Bella

After the movie, we ran to Cassie's apartment, where I bought (although I haven't paid her yet) her extra copy of Breaking Dawn (book #4). I then flew home and read the whole book, finishing at 6 A.M.

I've thought of little else this extended weekend beside Twilight. But you'll realize that well enough by the end of this entry. You really should have already.

Thursday, I went over to Mitch's for lunch at 1 P.M. Then, after a nap (I was up until 6 A.M, remember?), we went over to my house for a regular dinner (my sisters couldn't make it). Mom made orange gelatin with rainbow marshmallows. Yummm!
Thursday night, I read Midnight Sun. Since it's an incomplete draft (of Twilight from Edward's point of view), I only had to stay up until 1:30 A.M. to finish.

Friday, I had to wake up early for a doctor appointment. The pinky finger on my right hand has been hurting for months, so that's what I told the doctor. He sent me down the hall to get an X-ray, then I went to the laboratory, where a lady tried to draw blood out of my right arm. Well that failed (nothing was coming out, after what seemed like minutes), and I nearly passed out. My doctor had to basically carry me back to a room with a bed in it, where I laid down to have the nurse draw blood out of my other arm. That worked all right, and I got a snoopy bandaid to show for it. Later I realized what a bad idea the bandaid was, when, as I ripped it off, it brought with it some skin (drawing blood must have made that area very sensitive). The bandaged area then became swollen. Woohoo.
"So what's the diagnosis," you ask? I don't know yet. I find out tomorrow. My doctor said something about rheumatoid arthritis, but here's to hoping that's not what's wrong with my joints.
At 12:30 P.M., I met Mitch and Tony at the Drive In for lunch. I then went home and surfed the interwebs for hours, looking for, of course, Twilight stuff. I bought a ring!

The Cullen crest

That night, before falling asleep, I watched Twilight for the second time (using poor quality streaming video).

Saturday, I met Justin at the Drive In (one can never eat too much Drive In) at 12 P.M. We hadn't seen each other in such a long time that we sat in our booth, talking, until 2:30. I then ran home and quickly cleaned...because at 3 P.M., Taryn and Cassie came over! It was a slumber party. :) For about two hours after they got there, we tooled around on the net, watching Twilight cast interviews and Potter Puppet Pals.

We then ate a delicious dinner cooked by none other than the best Mom ever (mine). After that, we played Wii Sports, watched Twilight (my third time), and lastly fell asleep laughing at Edward'"potency." (If you haven't yet read Breaking Dawn, thank me for not spoiling what happens).
By the time I woke up, both Taryn and Cassie were already gone (they both had much farther to drive to school than I did). I made a run to the grocery store, then went home and listened to the Twilight soundtrack. Finally, Mitch came over, then Lily, and we all climbed into his truck and drove back to Augsburg.

So here I am. Still listening to the Twilight soundtrack (well, not "still," rather, "again"). I should have done some homework tonight, as I've got a lot of big things due this week (I have only two weeks left of class!), but after cleaning for a couple hours, all I want to do is continue my long weekend as long as possible...

I had a good break. :)

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