Friday, November 21, 2008

Winona LaDuke speaks at Augsburg

Winona LaDuke spoke at today's "Many Voices, Bold Visions" convocation lecture in Hoversten Chapel (at the great Augsburg College, of course). Don't know who Winona LaDuke is? Shortly, she's a Native American activist (although she said she doesn't like that label) who works on environmental and economical issues. She was twice the Vice Presidential nominee under the Green Party, was elected into the National Women's Hall of Fame, has authored numerous books, and is a recipient of the Reebok Human Rights Award. Anyway, she spoke about food security and our need to look into the future for green solutions to our economic problems. I captured some video, but stupidly captured it sideways (and have no way to change it), so I'd feel a little silly posting it. To compensate, here are some quotes from her speech I found enjoyable and/or intriguing:

-“You tell your kids not to steal, but everything they live on was stolen from their ancestors.”
-“We live in a society that is based on conquest. That is the problem with America.”
-“A society that bases itself on conquest cannot be sustained.”
-“No society has a monopoly on botching things up.”
-“We feel like the words “wild rice” should not be associated with the words “genetically-engineered.”
-“What we want is safe sex with plants.”
-“You don’t have the right to genetically-engineer the ecosystem.”
-“You don’t even have to invade anyone!” (On finding alternative energy, such as solar and wind).

Augsburg's gospel-praise group

Auggies introducing LaDuke

Winona LaDuke during the question/answer session

Guess what else happened today? I gave a speech! Today in Argumentation, I gave a policy speech and debated an opponent on the issue of physician assisted suicide (I had the negative, which means I tried to persuade my audience that PAS should not be legal). It went well, although as always, there is room to improve. I can't wait to get my grade!

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