Monday, November 17, 2008

Sometimes it's worth putting off homework

So here was the rest of my weekend (everything minus the protest):

On Friday afternoon, Alan came over and we played multiple games of .hack//enemy, which is a TCG (trading card game) based off the .hack series. It was the first time either of us had played the game, so we spent a good ten minutes or so reading through the short (and, as we found out, very basic) rule book, and then it was time to battle! I don't want to explain all the rules, but to give you some idea of what the game is like, I'll give you the basics: You, as a player, draw four cards (and you can either have four or five cards the entire game). Those cards exist of field, PC (player character) monster, action, weapon, and armor cards. To win the game, you have to get seven of your monsters in the score pile, which is done by wounding and/or defeating your opponent's PCs. This is, of course, made difficult by clever strategy.
We played the game, oh I don't know, probably five or six times on Friday night, and after we woke up on Saturday morning (Alan spent the night), we played another two or so games. Overall, we both gave the game a big seal of approval. I can't wait to play again! Maybe I'll teach Mom to play over Thanksgiving break...

(Most of) the game mat.

Three PCs I used: Mistral, Elk, and Yuji

My starter deck box (Black Rose). Alan used Kite's starter deck.

As you may know, I protested Proposition 8 Saturday afternoon (see Auggies fight for equality for more details).

Saturday night, Mitch, Brian, and I went out to eat at a Thai restaurant in Uptown with Mitch's sister, Kristi. I had Pad Thai but didn't like it. It had a little too much flavoring to be eatable. After dinner, we went to the Lagoon, which usually plays independent films, to see Quantum of Solace, the new James Bond movie. As a lifelong Bond fan, I'm very impressed with where they're (whoever they are) taking the series. Bond now has feelings; he has a story.
Some critics will say giving Bond a real story is counter intuitive to the nature of the series. Furthermore, much to my disgust, I've read some opinions/reviews on how not having the Bond girl and Bond fornicate is doing a great disservice to the series.
The action scenes were fantastic, although I want the writers to ease up on their frequency for the next movie...Quantum of Solace used high-octane action perhaps a little too much and stealth too little.
Overall, the movie was a good, but not perfect addition to the series.
P.S. I love the theme song, "Another Way to Die". I didn't like it at first, but in context of the movie, I fell in love. Here is the official music video (not the opening credits of the film, sadly):

I spent most of Sunday struggling to get all my homework done. Microeconomics took a while, as I hadn't read the chapter during the week like I should have. I also had some Scholar Scientist to do, as well as quite a bit of reading for Honors 200 (religion).
At 6:30, though, I went over to Foss Center to watch the first half of Mitch's band concert.

I left during the intermission and headed to the KAUG studio, where, from 8-9 P.M., I hosted the radio show You're a Nerd. Mom and Bob listened! It was neat.

So that was the rest of my weekend. It was pretty damn fun.
And you know what? I have no regrets over putting my homework off until Sunday. I've finally started to learn, after a year-and-a-half of college, that sometimes you have to do things for you. Live a little. Education is about more than textbooks. It's about seeing, experiencing, and doing. Thinking back to high school, I got good grades, but they weren't perfect. But it was OK, because I was out in the field, learning a different way. I need to, to some extent, get back to that.

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