Thursday, November 13, 2008

Go Auggie Soccer!

I had so much homework tonight. I worked in the Speakers Lab, and when I wasn't tutoring, I worked on my homework, much of which consisted of the bibliography for our religion museum group project. Our bibliography rocks: nineteen sources already. Some of them we still have to acquire, though, like The Gospel According to the Simpsons, which is exactly what we need: a book that takes into account Matt Groening's religious views and how they affect his show.

Guess what we did in math on Wednesday? We played with blocks. Our professor, Jody Sorenson, gave us those colorful shapes we used in elementary school so we could experiment with different symmetry-combinations. It made my day.

The weather has made nature look disgusting. The usually neat tree outside Lindell Library is now hideous. Not only that, but the sidewalks are littered with soppy leaves. Yesterday, the sewer-grate was stopped up because wet leaves were covering the holes where falling sleet should have gone. Gross. I don't like this in between stuff anymore. Give me fall! Not winter! Not fwinter! Fall.

Did you hear about the Peruvian Hairless offered to the Obama family (by Peru)? It doesn't typify the American (that's U.S., to be non-ethnocentric) family dog, in that it has no hair, and often doesn't have teeth, but despite that, I think that even the offer speaks cool things about Obama's popularity among foreign countries. And don't discount the Peruvian Hairless--apparently, it's revered in the Peruvian culture, being the dog of Incan kings (much like the Saluki was mummified and buried with Pharaohs in Egypt).

Our men's soccer team won in the first round of the NCAA Division III playoffs in Spokane, Washington, so they're heading to the next round in California. Go Auggies! Check out the Augblog for more Auggie athletics news.

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