Monday, November 24, 2008

Mojitos, Twilight, Wicked, and Bowling

This. weekend. was. the. best.
in a long time.

Friday afternoon, Mismo (a fellow Homemade blogger) mixed mojitos in Christensen Center. They were non-alcoholic, and were part of our International Education Week (Mismo is from Mexico).

Mixing (non-alcoholic) mojitos in Christensen Center

I grabbed a mojito and headed upstairs--because Friday night, Alan came over. We rearranged our .hack//enemy decks, incorporating the new booster packs I bought (30 for about $5). We then played through two games (we ate apples and caramel, noodles and sauce...yum). After that, he left with Mitch and some friends (from ASAC and other places) to go downtown (just to Applebees, though). I stayed home and read through 200 pages of Twilight.
You. can't. even. understand. how. much. I. love. Twilight.
And you know what's incredibly strange about the whole thing? Like I mentioned in a previous post, Zelda, puppies, and math projects, Twilight's genre (being romance for older teens, although I would beg to differ), is not my usual slice of pie. Yet, I was drawn into Twilight, much like Harry Potter draws in people of all ages and walks of life. It has that same, weird quality that surpasses generational and preference gaps. Long story short, I love Twilight.

Saturday, Mitch and I met his mom and aunt Sharon at Rock Bottom Brewery near the Orpheum for lunch. Why near the Orpheum, you ask? We finally went to see Wicked! I've waited 3 stinkin' long years to see the music I've had memorized for ages performed, and now I have.
Although, I'll admit that I prefer the book's ending. ***SPOILER*** In the book, Elphaba dies and doesn't come back. In the musical, through some silly scheme, she lives and disappers with Fiyero (he also didn't die) through a door in the back of the stage. What the heck?
All in all, I was happy with the performance. Defying Gravity's (Defying Gravity is my favorite song from the musical) scene made me bawl.

Me and Mitch at the Rock Bottom Brewery

Outside the Orpheum

Inside the Orpheum

Before Wicked started--the Clock of the Time Dragon

After Mitch and I got back to Augsburg, we quickly changed out of our nice clothes. Then Brian, Tony, and Katie picked us up, and we headed to Red Robin for dinner. I had nachos and a chocolate-banana malt. I know that's not what you might call a healthy dinner, but I wasn't all that hungry, so I opted for delicious, snacky things instead.

Tony and Katie at Red Robin

After Red Robin, we went to a bowling alley, where we had to wait about an hour for a lane to open up. We went into the restaurant/bar, where I got us kicked out after the bartender found out I wasn't of age. So we sat out in the main area and watched everybody else bowl, until finally it was our turn. I couldn't join in the physical fun, as my fingers are bandaged up (I have no idea why my pinky has hurt for months. I'm going to the doctor next Friday, so I'll find out then). So I sat by, cheered people on, and snapped pictures.

Brian choosing his ball

Brian's "fab" shoes

Sunday's shenanigans will be in another post. I feel like I need to break up my incredibly long and truly awesome weekend to make it easier to read about, no?

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