Monday, November 24, 2008

Love me some Twilight

So, Sunday:

I woke up a little before 11 A.M. and jumped in the shower. Mitch ran to Holiday and got some eggs, so when he got back, he made us French toast. Mmmm! I did homework for, oh I don't know, probably four hours or so. Then, guess what I did? READ TWILIGHT! WOOOOHOOO!
You know where I read Twilight? In the fort Mitch made me. I whined about not having a quiet area in our place (since Charles lives with us), so he dug out some of the bins and laundry basket from underneath the bed, and I laid down my comfy cushions and a blanket, and crawled in. I used one of the shorter bins as a table on which I put my desk lamp. Almost perfect! I could still hear the TV, even with ear plugs and noise-cancelling headphones on (I need absolutely silence when reading for fun), so we hung a blanket up inside the fort that covered the area nearest to the TV. Voila! Barely any noise. Mitch was also very kind and turned down the TV low enough so that he could still hear, but I couldn't.

Mitch snapped a shot of me inside the fort. Keep in mind that when he isn't peeking in at me, a blanket covers the entrance, so I am totally closed in.

There. Perfect. So anyway, I crawled inside and read Twilight until my radio show at 8 P.M. I trudged sadly down to the station, where I hosted You're a Nerd, which apparently didn't go well for the first half hour or so. Seth forgot to tell me that one of the buttons for the equipment changed since last week, so my listeners ended up hearing some weird echo sound the whole time. :(

After You're a Nerd, I booked my butt back upstairs, burrowed into my fort again, and read Twilight until I finished it, finally, at about 11:30 P.M.

I. love. Twilight.

I have also decided that Edward, the main male character (you know, the vampire guy I'm sure you've heard so much about) is the epitome and culmination of most American women's fantasies: Edward is gorgeous (Bella, his girlfriend, describes him as a Greek god, as Adonis), gifted physically and mentally, sensitive to feelings, protective, wealthy...oh, and I almost forgot (NOT), a vampire.
I've been wondering a lot lately if the Twilight's author, Stephanie Meyer, purposely made him like that: without real character flaws. It was a cruel move on her part.

Oh, and one more thing on Twilight: it is SO not for teens. I understand that, yes, Bella is in high school. But for pete's sake, the entire book, nearly every page is laced with sexual innuendos and advances from one character or another. I, certainly, would blush constantly if I was any younger and reading Twilight.
Now, I only blush nearly constantly.

Say what you will, you skeptics. But if you know me and my tendencies (boo romance, yuck, phooey), then you should be experiencing a great deal of surprise at my interest in such as book as Twilight. And, in the very least, a little respect for the romance novel that finally caught my attention.

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Kristen Chamberlain said...

YAY! Finally something pop-culture we can agree on!!!! (Besides the awesomeness of video games in general)