Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Know the law

I got a 70/72 on my second Argumentation exam. Yipee!
We had a lawyer come into class and speak to us on legal argumentation skills. She works mostly on appellate cases, which means she deals mostly with the Minnesota Court of Appeals, one step down from the Minnesota Supreme Court. It wasn't a particularly thrilling presentation, but it wasn't at all boring. I even answered the question "What is common law?" (It's precedent, meaning that when higher courts make decisions, future courts may base their decisions on that past decision, accepting that past interpretation of the law).

Mitch had an interview with MVP Marketing and Design yesterday afternoon. He said it went well. If he's hired, he'll start interning for them right away, and then continue interning in the spring (with more hours). Hopefully, then, after he graduates, they'll hire him as a full-time project manager.
That's the plan, anyway. MVP has some pretty big clients: 3M, Old Dutch foods, among others. It'd be neat if he got the position.

It snowed last night. It wasn't the nasty half-snow we had all day yesterday, though: it was sticky, thick snow. It's still on the ground this morning, although I don't expect it to stick around for long. That's OK. Winter doesn't need to start a month early, although it's fun to have a little snow for now...

We met in the library today for religion class. We (me, Taylor, Bethany, and Paul) worked on our museum project, which is due in early December. We made a to-do list, and I'm charged with creating the bibliography and finding the Family Guy episodes we want to show in our exhibit. We got a pretty big packet of reading to do as well. In general, though, this week is pretty laid-back. I don't have any essays, presentations, or anything else to really cram in. Although, my policy speech (on whether or not physician-assisted suicides should be legal) for Argumentation is next Thursday, so I'd better start working on it.

Pizza for lunch! It's too bad we're not going to the cafeteria today: I wanted to steal some apples to eat with the caramel I bought.

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