Thursday, November 6, 2008

JET, sexuality, and doing well in school

My international relations adviser emailed me tonight. He sent me a link to the JET program, which is a year-long teaching program for people with a bachelor's degree (and under the age of 40). They make about $33,000 a year tax free, transportation is paid for, and of course, you get good health insurance.
I told Mitch about it, and he asked me if I'm going to do it. I told him I'll only do it if he comes with me. You don't need to know Japanese to do the program, but of course it helps on the application. They also give married couples priority in placement (so they can live together).
Wouldn't that be neat?
We'll see, though. If Mitch is in a steady, good job, of course I don't want him to quit. And, of course, if I get offered a good job, I won't necessarily want to sacrifice that either.
My Resident Director from CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange, the organization through which I studied abroad in Tokyo this past summer), Michelene, was a participant in the JET program.

You should all read my friend Cory's blog. His latest post, My Life As A Butler is very, very interesting. I also recommend a book called Pink Box Inside Japan's Sex Clubs--but only if you're not against nudity and dramatically different (and honest) depictions of sexuality. I bought it a while ago, after I returned from Japan, because I was (and still am) incredibly interested in the strange nature of sexuality of Japan.

(A picture I took in Ikebukuro. This is a lingerie pub, where the women walk around in their underpants...although we didn't go in, so don't assume it's necessarily that innocent.)

I took my second Argumentation exam today! I think it went well. I got the highest score in the class on the last exam, so hopefully I'll get good news again on Tuesday.

I love Meowth.

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corywins said...

Thanks for the link!

There are so many things here that remind me of you. Strange. I keep seeing your candy now that you brought it up. I will pick some up someday, I promise. Glad it sounds like you are enjoying yourself.