Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm on the air

I had my first radio show this Sunday! It went well for a first-timer like myself. The beginning got off to a shaky start: I couldn't hear the music I was supposed to be playing (I had to adjust the headphone settings), and sometimes the system would stop working, but all I had to do was click a button (going off the air for a second) and then click it back on. Despite these small setbacks, I had a lot of fun. I even gave away a prize!: two .hack//Enemy starter decks (it's a TCG). I can't until next Sunday for my next show.

I finished my microeconomics homework on Sunday as well. Although, it didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped. I did well on my regular homework (the assignment on chapter 6)--I got 19/19. But on the news analysis, I got 5/9. Ouch. Apparently, the class average was pretty low, so he's grading it on a curve, which means I get an extra 10% added to my 5/9. That still puts me at only 65%. How unlike me!

Oh, I also went to see Eurydice, which is the current main stage production of the Augsburg Theater Department. My favorite scene was when the elevator (yes, there was an elevator built into the set) opened to reveal Shannon, who played Eurydice. Eurydice had just died, and she was being brought to the underworld, or hell (in Greek myth, mind you, so it's not all fire and brimstone). So anyway, the elevator opened, and there was Shannon/Eurydice, standing in the rain. THE RAIN? WHAAA? It was pretty neat. Somehow, they simulated rain inside the elevator. There was also a mini river (Lethe) running through the whole set. Awesome.

(Shannon, who played Eurydice, in the promo picture for the play).

I took a Scholar Scientist exam yesterday. I think I did well on it, although there's at least one question for which I b.s.ed an answer. I talked to Sam this morning, and he said he put the same answer for that question (How do you know if a Fibonacci number is odd or even? Would F33 be even or odd? What about F62?), so maybe I had it right! The moral of the this story? Never leave an exam question blank. You might get lucky...

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