Saturday, November 8, 2008

Snow, Luce, and NBC (not the network)

Guess what I got today? Nightmare Revisited, which is the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, covered by popular bands such as Flyleaf and Shiny Toy Guns (a personal favorite).

Much to my surprise, it also includes a cover of Nabbed, by the Yoshida Brothers! The Yoshida Brothers are a two-person Japanese group consisting of, yes, brothers, who play the shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument, in various styles (including blues and rock). You might recognize this song, Kodo, which was used in a Nintendo Wii commercial.

Anyway, I indulged myself a little bit with this purchase, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with the world via my radio show, You're a Nerd, which premiers tomorrow (Sunday) at 8 P.M. Don't miss it!

It snowed yesterday. And today. Neither day dropped enough to accumulate, though.

Mitch and I went out for lunch at Pizza Luce. It was really empty when we got there: we were one of only three customers. How unlike normal Luce!

Apparently, they were training in new cooks, so we got one of their experiments for free (it was pretty good). While we waited for the food, we both read the new copy of the Echo, Augsburg's newspaper.

As usual, there was a piece about Augsburg's President, Paul Pribbenow. It's interesting stuff: Augsburg is a place where anyone and everyone can have a voice, so when some people feel like they don't have a voice, the issue gets a lot of attention. But there's nothing to worry about. We are not about secrecy and keeping things hush-hush. Augsburg loves questioning the status quo (even, or maybe especially if that means its own President).
So anyway, we ate our food (mmmm, Luce), and then headed back across the foot-bridge to class. Both Mitch and I have our 12:10 class in Old Main: he's got Norwegian and I've got Microeconomics.

Speaking of microeconomics, I worked on my homework for that class today. Actually, don't tell, but I worked on it during my work-time in the Speakers Lab. Nobody came in! That's actually pretty rare--I usually see 2-4 students every time the lab is open. So, the homework: it was hard. I emailed my professor to ask for help on a few questions, and he replied within the hour. I still have to finish those questions...
Tomorrow, I need to finish my micro homework and study for the Scholar Scientist exam I've got Monday. At 2 P.M., Mitch and I are going to see Eurydice, the current Augsburg Theater Dept. production, and then at 8 P.M., You're a Nerd premiers (more shameless promotion).
For now, it's drinking too-sugary Kool-Aid and trying not to get animal cracker crumbs all over the bed.

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corywins said...

Haha! Wow, who would of thought the Yoshida brothers would turn up in a place like that? Though I guess you can't discount anything - especially when you consider Japan's obsession with all things Disney. When I went to go buy a skin for my DS the other day the three big Disney options were Stitch, Winne the Pooh, and Jack Skellington. It amused me. Anyway - it won't be any time soon, but you may be getting those delicious blue candies sooner than you think. :)