Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zelda, puppies, and math projects


I got another book in the mail! The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy. I'm excited to read it, of course, although it won't be for a while. Before then, I have to finish this semester (which, creepily enough, only has about three weeks left--no kidding--after Thanksgiving, I have two weeks of class left), and before that, I have to start and finish Twilight.
Now, devoted readers might express surprise at my choosing to read Twilight. Because, honestly, I am not usually a fan of many things other women or young women like (romance, etc.). However, since Twilight has become too much "all the rage" to ignore, I figured I should get in the know.

Have you heard about the Puppy Cam? Go here and see roughly 12-hours/day live feed of six Shiba Inu puppies playing, eating, and mostly sleeping.

Now, if you're new to "No, I Am a Cat", you might not have known that Mitch and I, once we move off campus this spring, are buying a Shiba Inu, which is a Japanese breed I saw a lot of during my trip to Tokyo. Currently, our favorite breeder is located in Omaha, Nebraska, but we're still looking.

I brought this up mainly because I feel the Puppy Cam, this suddenly famous, addictive streaming video, may encourage people to buy a Shiba without thinking the whole thing through. I feel that I need to be a small voice of reason: Shiba's are not necessarily family dogs. Unless they experience proper socialization from an early age, they may develop issues with children and other animals (especially dominant dogs). Furthermore, Shibas are independent breeds. To some extent, they're like cats: they don't need you.

That being said, the Puppy Cam appears to be doing more good than harm (just read the comments for a mood-boost).

Free TV Show from Ustream

Mitch and I went to the International Photo Contest Reception this afternoon. Neither of our pictures won, but we don't mind. The photos that beat ours were beyond excellent. Our entries will remain hanging on the top floor of Old Main for the rest of the year, even though we didn't win. That's neat. :)

Sam came over earlier so we could work on our Scholar Scientist project. We had to create Eschler tilings that use glide reflections, but being terrible at art, I found no way to complete the task. I am, however, happy with my end result: they were supposed to be cats, but I think they look more like groundhogs/mice. I'll tell my professor I had serious problems even conceptualizing how I could make a glide-reflected tiling. She'll understand.

I've been working my tush off to get Homemade more visibility on the interwebs. Earlier today, I registered at The College Blog Network. If you have a blog, too, you can register on their website and connect with other student bloggers from around the country. In a sort of afterthought to my post The Millennials Are Coming, I think it's just more evidence that Generation Y is not lazy because we "rely" on technology. Rather, we utilize technology to learn from each other. I love us.

P.S. If you have any ideas on how Homemade can increase its reader base, let me know. I won't pretend like we know everything. Collaboration increases quality!

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