Monday, November 17, 2008

Auggies fight for equality

Holy crap, it was awesome:
Do you know what Proposition 8 is? It's a reversal on the California Supreme Court's decision to make gay marriage legal. On November 4, Californians voted for the first time in history to take away a group's existing rights.
So, an organization called Join the Impact organized nationwide protests to show the country just how upset we are at this injustice, and just how ready we are to take action.
So, this Saturday, November 15, I took the light rail down to the Hennepin County Government Center and joined several hundreds (the most recent estimate is about 700) in protesting Prop 8. Here are just a few of the pictures I took:

Ok, so I didn't take this one, but I took the rest.

Look for the rest of them (they're good, so you want to) on Flickr next month. I have a free account, and I've already reached my set bandwidth limit, so I can't upload any more until December 1st.

I felt pretty neat when one of the speakers at the protest brought up Keith Ellison, our U.S. Representative, and how he's an advocate of revoking Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which keeps openly gay people from serving in the military. Why did I feel neat, you ask? Well last year, as part of my Small Group Communication project, I (along with the other members of my group) wrote and collected hundreds of signatures for a letter urging Ellison to begin work drafting a bill that would make it legal for anybody in the LGBTQIA community to serve.

It's fun to be a part of a revolution. :)

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