Friday, October 10, 2008

Sou desu ka

Today, I met with Gary Cohen of CO2 Partners, an executive coaching firm. Gary is based in Minneapolis, and so to meet with him about job shadowing, Mitch drove me to his office near downtown. I was a little early, but nobody seemed to mind. The meeting took only about a half hour, and now I'm really excited for winter break! Gary and I talked about the difficulty of shadowing an executive coach, as the job requires a lot of confidentiality. However, he said, he'd contact a few of his clients and see if they'd be all right having me sit in on their sessions. Gary also suggested I read his book and then blog about business/executive/leadership coaching and other topics like business ethics.
I'm going to learn so much!

So many things happened today!
Connecticut's Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to deny gay marriage. That makes it legal in three states: California, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Even though three out of fifty is a small percentage, the more publicity that the issue can get, the more it will be on people's minds. Of course, only once the economy stops sucking and people can think about civil rights again...

Another thing: the bi-partisan (don't let the McCain campaign tell you otherwise) report on Sarah Palin's Troopergate scandal was released this evening. The verdict? Although family matters weren't the only reason Palin fired Walter Monegan, they were contributing factors. Also, Todd Palin had access to state officials, and was involved in pressuring the state to fire Monegan.
The McCain campaign has responded, saying the report was the result of the Obama campaign's desire to defame Palin. This is a lie. The report was fully bipartisan, with Democrats AND Republicans working on it. It was not a Washington-style report, where certain parties get to appoint who does the reporting and pay for certain outcomes. This was a real, clean report.

This was one of the worst weeks in history for the Dow Jones. My Microeconomics professor, Kevin Bowman, tried to explain the crisis to us today in class. Although when he speaks, I learn a great deal, most of the language goes over my head for at least a day, until I can sort it all out. He is just so damn smart.
Oh, guess what? I got a perfect score on my latest Micro homework. Hoorah!

I've got a lot of homework to do this weekend. The only problem is whenever I go home for the weekend, I get none of my homework done. I don't really have a choice this time, though. I've got a report on a museum exhibit for Religion and a presentation for Scholar Scientist due Monday.

In case I don't write an entry tomorrow, make sure to celebrate National Coming Out Day (it's tomorrow). I'm setting my Facebook status to "Alison is an ally" and finding a good spot for my HRC (Human Rights Campaign)sticker.

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