Thursday, October 30, 2008

On to Omaha?

I busted my butt tonight looking for reputable Shiba Inu breeders. We've been trying to get a-hold of a Minnesotan breeder, but they're adamant about not getting back to us. As a result, I sent emails to about ten different breeders around the country, expressing my frustration and asking for information on their dogs. I've gotten a few emails back, but two of the breeders are charging too much (at least, for our budget. One of the breeders is fanTAStic, but we just can't afford them). The third, I like a lot. They live in Nebraska, and would ship the puppy via plane, which is fairly common for breeders, but I'm going to ask Mitch if he would consider driving and meeting them in Omaha.
We'll see.

(Courtesy of Shiba Shake)

Maybe I should do some dishes before I go to bed tonight...

Mitch is at ASAC's Halloween shindig up in the commons of Christensen Center. I worked in the Speakers Lab until seven, but I stayed in the room until eight to look for breeders. I got back just in time to see Rachel Maddow's interview of Barack Obama. The Office was also on, but I'll wait until Mitch can watch it with me...
So anyway, ASAC's Halloween shindig sounded pretty cool, but it doesn't sound like my kind of thing. There's a dance; I've never been a big fan of those (although high school prom was the shiz). He won't be back up to the room until around midnight. Poor guy! I think he has to get up early.

Oh crap! I have to do research for my Religion group project (how the religion (or lack thereof) of the creators of such popular animated TV shows as Family Guy and The Simpsons affects their show-content). The group project is called a museum project, which means in addition to researching, we also have to come up with a unique way to present our exhibit. I'm in the animated TV group, but now I kind of wish I was in the other class (at a different time), because it's got a group doing video games!

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