Thursday, October 16, 2008

No more dissing, puhlease

Last night, for our small debate-watching shindig, Mitch made a pork roast, cornbread, and baked beans. It was delicious. For dessert, we ate apples and caramel. Not caramel apples--rather, apple pieces dipped in caramel. Pieces are much more pleasant to eat, in my opinion. I hate biting into a whole apple.
So anyway, the debate. I thought McCain was a definite asshole. Like at the town-hall meeting style debate, McCain interrupted Barack multiple times, often with snide/sarcastic remarks. When McCain wasn't interrupting, he was saying things like "Mr. Obama doesn't understand..." That really upsets me. On one hand, it's very silly to assume Barack, who is a Constitutional scholar and legitimately one of the smartest men on the public scene right now, doesn't understand the world/war/foreign policy/the economy/x policy issue. Furthermore, if Barack doesn't understand, isn't it very safe to assume that Palin doesn't either? To an even lesser degree?
Just ad hominems, that's all McCain's performance was.

After the debate, we watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which although funny, was as poor of a movie as I figured it would be. Don't get me wrong: I laughed. But the acting was not particularly great, and the non-comedic writing was predictable and stale.
I did the practice Microecon homework while watching the movie, but when I went to start the actual assignment, Aplia told me I'd missed the deadline. Nu-uh! Apparently, Aplia is running on Eastern time. So, I emailed Kevin Bowman, my professor, and he gave me until tonight to do the assignment. Silly Aplia.

Today, I'm turning in my refutation essay for Argumentation. It's a three page (small, I know) essay rebutting Michelle's claim that Barack will not be elected President. Now, before you think lowly of Michelle, remember that some students in our class had/chose to pick positions they do not believe or agree with. I think Michelle is very brave for having picked a topic like that.

According to today's Augnet posting, campus will finally have heat as of this Friday. It's been so chilly lately! Yesterday, I wore my Barack t-shirt and I was shivering all day.

I'm going to get lunch from Nabo now. Nabo, Norwegian for "neighbor," is a cafe in Gateway Center, our newest building on campus. It's got yummy salads, sandwiches, and pasta. And it has naked juice. I <3 Naked!
There, you got a tour-guide's perspective on Nabo.

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