Saturday, October 18, 2008

I need a new creative outlet

I'm thinking about starting a podcast. Mitch said I should do a radio show. I could do that, too, but I wouldn't want to mix them. I haven't decided what topic(s) my cast will be about; I've got a couple strong choices in mind, but it's hard to make up my mind. Doing a radio show would be a lot of fun. I'd do it as often as I wanted, so I could even do it for just a half hour once a week. That wouldn't be so bad! I'd love to do a show about Japan (music, current events, etc.).
We'll see. I'll keep you in the loop, so when I finally do get either a podcast and/or radio show up and running, you can listen in!

Mitch and I went to see W. at the Rosedale Mall last night, but it sold out just before we got to the ticket booth, so we saw Burn After Reading instead. It was totally worth it: the Cohen brothers are ridiculously good at anything they do. While I don't think Burn After Reading will get any Oscar nominations, it was still fantastically funny and, of course, well directed. Brad Pitt's character was hilarious.

Mitch has a wedding to DJ this afternoon/evening, so I'm going to work on next week's homework and maybe start drafting cast/radio show ideas. I'm also going to help Caitlin on her admissions essay. I think she would make a fantastic Auggie.

I'm cutting this entry short to leave some time to write a special comment, which will be posted shortly.

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Lillian The Great said...

Caitlyn Who? Caitlyn Who?!?

And Burn After Reading is a fabulously dark film indeed.

I want to see W too.