Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's kayoubi!

"Our opponents think that they have the women's vote all locked up, which is a little presumptuous,” Palin said. “A little presumptuous since only our side has a woman on the ticket.
--Sarah Palin

I am disgusted. So I'm supposed to vote for the McCain campaign because there is a woman on the ticket? Sorry to surprise you, Governor Palin, but I am a heck of a lot smarter than that.
Sarah Palin does not represent the views I hold on account of women and gender. She is a monster.

School is keeping me very busy. It's midterm week, so I have a Microeconomics test tomorrow, and an eight-page paper due Thursday for Argumentation. The paper won't be so bad--I'm writing about a topic I'm very interested in. But I think the Micro test will be difficult, judging by the study guide-esque jeopardy game my professor gave us to practice on. I did all right on chapters 1, 2, and OK on 16, but I was not very good at the chapter 3 questions (they're mostly graphs).
So wish me luck.

Gueessss whaattt? The new Homemade website is up! Check it out.
The photos will be up soon. We're switching to a third-party host (Flickr), and I just created the account tonight.
Also, the Homemade employees are meeting this Sunday. We're going to go over new ideas for the organization, so over the next year you may see some neat new stuff. Keep checking the site for updates, mk?

I got My Japanese Coach in the mail yesterday. It's a DS game that helps me learn Japanese. I had to take a placement test, and it determined that I'd mastered fifty words already. To be honest, I had to learn about thirty words a day back at Sophia University, but I missed two questions in a row in the placement test, so it decided that that's where I stopped actually knowing stuff. That's OK. It's giving me an excuse to review important words like days of the week. That's what I got the game for anyway. I don't expect it to really teach me, as Japanese is too complex a language to be taught by a DS game, but it serves me well by testing my vocabulary/kana/kanji retention.
My Chinese, French, Spanish, and SAT Coaches are also available, in case you're interested.

Speaking of Chinese, that's the next language I'd like to learn. But don't let me get ahead of myself. Japanese will be enough of a challenge for now. I can't wait until next semester when I start Japanese classes again!

I'd better study for my Microecon test now.

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