Thursday, October 2, 2008

It is not "nucular"

UGH. Palin.
If she doesn't learn how to pronounce "nuclear," I am going to throw up. Mark my words. If I hear her mispronounce it one more time, I will vomit.
Please tell me you all watched the VP debate.
I have to end it at that. I am just so upset.

Beside that.

I read some EGM tonight! I'm trying to get ideas for what I want to do as research. Do you know? All Honors Program students are required to a comprehensive research project, either for a semester or for a summer. I'm going to do mine this summer. Kristen and I have discussed a few things, but nothing's concrete yet.

A lot of people have been coming in to the Speakers Lab recently, although it was a slow night tonight. I did some web-surfing. As you can tell, tonight was pretty lazy. I don't have Hon 200 (religion) tomorrow morning, so I'll use the time to finish up my Siddhartha essay revision, and then get ready for Microeconomics at 12:10!

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