Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ii desu ne

The Speakers Lab was a lot of fun tonight! Four people came in. That's a record! J.K had me look at her second draft, some other girl from Contest Public Speaking came in and had me look at her first draft, John from Argumentation (and Contest) had me listen to his speech, and so did K (I'm not sure if that's how he spells it). He's from Kenya, and although he said English is his second language, I couldn't tell. He spoke perfect English, and furthermore, his speaking voice was fantastic. He said he's never done speech, but it's obvious he has a knack for it. I even stayed a half hour late to critique his speech on steroids.
It's nights like this that make working any job worth it.

I turned in my factual claim paper for Argumentation today. I haven't read Michelle's paper, which is the other side of my topic, so she's arguing that Barack will not be elected President. In my opinion, even though the topic in general was very hard to argue, as it's purely predictive, I think Michelle's side was harder to do.

Mitch and I are watching a Family Guy ep I've never seen before.

Oh, before I go, guess what I got in the mail today? My Barack shirt, and two InuYasha sets (3 DVDs in each set). I can't wait to watch them!

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