Monday, October 27, 2008

Ii desu ne (2)

Wow! I had a good weekend.
On Saturday night, Mitch and I went over to Tony's (he lives in Eden Prairie) with Brian and Alan. We ate at Kabuki, which is similar to Ichiban and Benihana, in that a cook makes everything in front of you, and the food is slightly more traditional than food-court style. Which means that it's not really what I ate in Japan, but that's OK.
After dinner, we went back to Tony's. Will and a few of his friends, Cat, Andrew, and Andrea came over, and we had a fantastic time. It was the most fun night I've had in a while.

Yesterday, I worked on my radio show for about four hours. I got most of my playlist done, although I still need to upload some CDs, like Whisper of the Heart, and the full HP soundtracks.

Right now I'm watching MSNBC. I made myself some tomato soup and green tea for lunch. Usually, Mitch and I go to lunch up in the cafeteria on Mondays, but he's got an advising meeting. Advising meetings are when students meet with their faculty advisers to get advice on scheduling classes, keeping up in their major, and graduating on time. It's really helpful. I've got one of mine (for international relations) tomorrow morning at 10:45.

Oh! Guess what? Last night, the Homemade team met to discuss goals for the year. I ordered some Pizza Luce (pepperoni and veggie pizzas, with yummy soda), and after eating, we got down to business. We were very productive! We got a lot done. We talked about how Homemade is going to handle photos and video from now on, what we want to add to the website, and other things. Keep checking Homemade's main site out periodically to see if there are any updates, mk?

I've got to get ready for class now. I bet I'll get my microeconomics test back...even though I don't want it...the graphs were so hard!

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