Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I <3 econ

I just saw the strangest political ad. It was a McCain ad criticizing Obama's experience (according to them, lack thereof). At the end, it says "Barack Obama's not ready...YET."

What the heck is that supposed to mean? Keith Olbermann said that it's probably to try to win over undecided voters who like Obama but would rather vote for him in a couple years when they feel more sure of his abilities.
I think, regardless of the intention, it was a strange, and possibly wrong choice. To imply that Obama could be the President eventually is evidence, I feel, that there is a schism between the Republican Party and McCain.

Obama's commercial (infomercial) aired tonight. It gave me the same feeling that listening to him speak always does: that he really cares about me. He really does.
I think the best part of the commercial was when he said he's not a perfect person, and he wouldn't be a perfect President, and yet, he will do whatever he can to help us out. I know it.

So anyway.
Guess what? I'm doing a lot better in Microeconomics than I thought I was. Remember that midterm exam I took last week? I thought I got at most 60/100, but it turns out I got 92/100! And I've got 97% on my homework! Wooooohoooo!
Math was fun today, too. We talked about non-Euclidean geometry (hyperbolic and spherical geometry). We also learned about projection in art.
One more thing: today in Religion, we had to create creative representations of characters' vocations from our book God's Long Summer. Our first piece was a big voting ballot that we crumpled up to symbolize Fannie Lou Hamer's torture. Our second piece was much more controversial: we shaped our giant piece of white paper into a KKK mask. It was surprisingly unsettling to make, too. Paul had to put it on for me to tape it together properly, and everyone verbally rushed me so that he could take it off again. There was something about seeing something like a KKK mask in the physical world, even though it was only a piece of white craft paper, that made us feel very uncomfortable.

So that was my day. Now, I'm waiting for Mitch to get back from having pizza (at Luce) with Megan, a friend of ours from high school.

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