Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Excellent barfs

I LOVE this one.

I'm watching the debate, and although I don't want to get into how liberal I am, I do want to say that McCain is being an absolute meanie. He is being plainly mean.

I got a lot of my Argumentation essay done today. It's actually going pretty well. I thought it was going to be really hard, because it's based solely on numerical values and polls, but so far it's pretty good. And guess what else? I got 89/90 on my Argumentation exam! Woohoo. :)

I did a bit of research today on internships. I found a good one in D.C., where I'd take two classes at Georgetown University, and do an internship with either a business or journalism firm (examples: General Electric and MSNBC). It's pretty expensive, but on the other hand, I'd get course credit. I also found a neat internship with EA, but that's in California. It's paid, but I'd have to buy housing, so...

I also began figuring out what my research (URGO) proposal's gonna be. Of course, it'll be about gaming, but I'm not sure on the specifics yet. That's O.K. It'll be a while before the proposal is due. But you know what I get when I do research? A $4,000 stipend! Neato. That helps pay for research supplies, of course, but I think it also helps me pay for rent and stuff. Or, at least, it'd better, because I'm not really allowed to work while I do research (URGO expects you to work on research forty hours a week).

La la la, debate...

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